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HI all,

Great site, been scouting this website for months taking tips and experience from you all. This is my first post. I am new to SW, but close to taking the plunge (after many months of research) and would like to post a few thoughts and questions below. Any thoughts or advice would be massively appreciated.

Tank: 90G-100G FOWLR. I have the space for this in my house and seen its advised to go as big as you can, for many reasons (qty of fish, fish type, water level control etc.) At this stage I am on the verge of going for a tank without a sump. I have also been told I do not necessarily need a protein skimmer, but go for a good quality one if I can afford to as they help. I am taking the stance of go without for a few months and monitor. If I need one down the line I will take the plunge.

Fish: (Introduced in this order) I think! Advice welcome again.
2 x Cleaner Shrimp
2 x Peppermint Shrimp
1 x Fire Shrimp
1 x Watchman Goby/Pistol Shrimp Duo
2 x Clownfish
1 x Royal Gramma
1 x Yellow Tang
1 x Flame Angel
2 x Blue or Green Chromis

1 x Six Line Wrasse - Not sure on this as have been told it may nip at other fish? Any advice if it would be ok?
1 x Coral Beauty - Note sure on this as have been told Coral Beauty's and Flame Angels are 50/50 mixing with each other as they may turn aggressive. Can I have both in the tank and keep them fed enough?

Is this ok in terms of stocking levels for 90-100G tank? Ultimately longer term I have the ambition of turning this into a reef tank but am aware this is a couple of years down the line when my tank is more established and I have more experience. I will then need a protein skimmer amongst other things I imagine.

Cycle: This may be a really simple area for experienced fish keepers but it has taken me a while to wrap my head around it. Can some test my logic? Basically I add the Live Rock and Sand/Substrate, add water that has been mixed between 1.022-1.025 and turn all equipment on and let it cycle over 4-5 weeks. I should test it every day/every other day. I will expect small amounts of ammonia on week 1, ammonia will rise and peak on week 2, may get small amounts of nitrite on week 2, ammonia will reduce and taper off on week 3, nitrite will peak and taper off by end of week 3, nitrates will be found in week 4 as well as some brown algae potentially, do a water change of 20% in week 5 and slowly add clean up crew first, followed by the fish above every 2 - 3 weeks there after whilst continuing to monitor.

My last question (from my misses) is regarding smell. I have read on many sites and using common sense that tanks only start smelling if they are not being fully cared for. I am assuming if I manage 10% weekly or 20% 2 weekly water changes, not overfeed my fish, clean my tank regularly and my substrate, there should not be a smell?

Any advice on the above, or any areas I need to improve?

Many thanks from the UK!





Can anyone shed some light on the above please? Am I heading in the right direction??


Welcome to the forum!
Sorry to say I know nothing about saltwater, but sometimes it takes a day or so for the right person to notice a thread.
You mentioned you've been reading this site; a couple suggestions:
Peruse the salwater section for knowledgeable peeps, and then specifically insert their names on this thread, à la Twitter style (@whomever).
Look for threads with similar questions to yours, and either private message a likely person, or politely ask if someone could take a look at your thread.
Just be patient, it might take some time. Good luck!
Again, welcome!


Apologies its me being impatient. I will certainly try them things. Many thanks for the response.


Apologies its me being impatient. I will certainly try them things. Many thanks for the response.
No apologies necessary!
Continued good luck!


Anyone out there that can please advise?


I'm a noobie reading to learn and I honestly feel bad that there isn't a reply this person took so long be as detailed as possible and no one replies I wish I knew saltwater I'm trying to learn all this also


I did try to be as detailed I as could as I have seen experienced posters demanding more detail before giving any input! Will give it a bit longer then I will try another forum


ChrisS sounds about right- its what ive done. I am almost a month in and my tank has cycled. I have 0, 0, 5 now. I will be adding fish in 2 or 3 weeks when I get back from getting married. don't want to add fish, then leave them for a long period of time.

I didnt test daily, it would make me nutty to do that. I did 2x a week instead lol.

the key in Saltwater is being patient. this is not a strong trait in me LOL. I'm dying looking at a tank with nothing but sand and rocks! but it will be worth it.

I am going to add one creature/fish a week. carefully monitoring their behaviors and how they fare.

as far as the tank smelling bad, I have no bad smells coming from my tank at all actually. I bought live rock, so I didnt need to cure it or anything, which is where it smells bad from what I have read.

about 3 weeks in, we started to notice little bugs etc coming out of the live rock and our salt water store told us that was wonderful and perfect. the guy is a marine biologist, so I'm going to trust him LOL

a word of caution- take it or leave it- I wouldnt get a tang, they are harvested directly from reefs, which can be detrimental to the ocean ecosystem. tangs don't breed easily in captivity, and the scientists have JUST gotten ONE pair to breed, but there aren't many yet, and they aren't being sold. they are just now getting their colors! part of this hobby, to me at least, is being ethical and not harming the natural ecosystem in order to have MY tank.


I am all freshwater love saltwater aquariums though so beautiful, If you would post under saltwater someone will reply best of luck


Thanks for the responses guys & gals.

Congrats on the marriage Jessakitten!

I have been speaking with the LFS and have now been told that I could mix some soft corals/anemones with my stocking list above without changing my setup. I have decided to go with a Juwel Rio aquarium. I am just unsure as to whether to go for the 300 (350L) or 400 (450L). I again have been told the filtration that comes with the tank is good enough but may want to upgrade to a canister as some point. We will see! May add protein skimmer longer term too but again will upgrade if needed.

Jessakitten, can I assume I am correct regarding the cycling of my tank? Are my expectations about right? I agree with the patience part, I will struggle seeing an empty tank but it will be worth it in the long run.

I will take your advice about the tang as that is good to know. I have been looking at adding a couple of cardinals instead anyway so will see how that goes.

Mega excited to get started, I just need to take the plunge!!

Thanks again peeps!


yep, that's roughly how mine went. I finished cycling about a week ago I think, took about 3 weeks. HOWEVER, I want it to run a couple more weeks as is (rock, sand and water only) to make sure everything is good and stable I would rather have the empty tank and be sure, than to plop some stuff in and it all dies.

I don't push it on people, but I would really like to see aquarium folks being ethical in their stocking. the reefs and ocean ecosystems are struggling enough as is with pollution etc that we shouldnt add to the strain with harvesting fish from the ocean unless they are sick and needing rehab, only to be released back when they are fixed up, or kept if they will never survive in the wild


WELCOME to fishlore!

Sorry, I know nothing about SW…...

But I really hope someone with Saltwater knowledge would reply!

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