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Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by scottishduck, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. scottishduck

    scottishduckValued MemberMember

    I have the opportunity to get my dream tank (size) for relatively cheap. It's a 125 gallon tank with stand and canopy.

    The problem is that, according to the seller, one of the seals leaks water.

    How hard would it be to reseal a 125 gallon tank? I'm somewhat handy and have watched lots of videos on making/resealing glass tanks, but none have been this large.

    Should I pull the trigger and trust myself? Or is a 125 gallon glass tank too much trouble to reseal? I would probably want to add some eurobracing (with a center support) to the tank rather than a trim, if possible.
  2. Coradee

    CoradeeModeratorModerator Member

    Bumping this up for you
  3. g25racerValued MemberMember

    Its def worth it!

    I am in the middle of resealing a 50g hex that I got very cheap.

    A few tips

    Use a single sided/edged razor blade

    Use ONLY 91 isopropyl alcohol for cleaning up old silicone residue

    Spend the time to tape off your seams accurately

    Use ONLY 100% pure silicone. Do NOT use anything that says mold/mildew resistant. I used DAP silicone FYI

    Do NOT lay a huge thick bead it is not needed

    Start with the bottom and then the edges when both applying and spreading with your finger.

    Once your finger touches the silicone to spread it do NOT lift your finger until the end of the seam. This will cause clumps/uneven silicone and will look hideous.

    Most important: Inspect the silicone to make sure it looks good before removing the tape. If it looks bad then wipe it all off, clean with alcohol, and redo it. Its way easier to remove in this state.
  4. OP

    scottishduckValued MemberMember

    Thanks for the tips.

    I just have to convince the wife because:
    1 - we're renting so can't do any actual installation of the tank or construction of the floor
    2 - even though it's less than $200, that's $200 I don't have
    3 - i don't have anywhere to put it
    4 - i don't have a vehicle large enough to go pick it up!

    that said... I just got a 55 gallon for free yesterday to use as a sump (there's another thread around here for that)... so for the tanks and stand needed for a 125 gallon reef tank with a 55 gallon sump... i think i could even resell the whole thing for more than the $200 initial investment if I never did anything
  5. OP

    scottishduckValued MemberMember

    welp. i did it.


    125 gallon tank (leaks but i don't see any cracks), stand, canopy, eheim 2217, lots of gravel and a heater... $120

    Add that to the 55 (I think it's closer to a 60 L) I got for free last week and I have the stand, tank and sump for my eventual reef tank ... as long as I can save the tank from leaks.

    Wish me luck! :;scuba

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