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    Well, I did it again! After rescuing an albino cory, who had been badly chewed up, from the local Walmart I went back to talk to the manager about educating the employees on what fish to put together in their tanks - and unfortunately there were two very good examples in a tank with 2 tailless and finless silver dollars and a bunch of tiger barbs. I ended up bringing them home (I’m never going to that Walmart again!) and putting them in my little 5 g hospital tank. The first pix below is of the larger SD (about an inch and a quarter) - the smaller one was just as bad, but was too skittish for me to get a clear pix.

    That was on April 20th. Both have survived, and are thriving (see last 2 pix taken today - was able to get both this time), but naturally they need a larger tank! When I brought them home and started reading about them I immediately began the search for a larger tank that I could afford, and that would fit in my house. I know that these guys like to live in a school, and get big, but the only thing that fit my pocketbook and house was a 40 gallon breeder - which I started cycling right away. I can’t provide these guys with 4 more buddies, but they seem very happy with each other, so hopefully they will be content in the 40b. I would like to get a pearl gourami and a Siamese algae eater to make a little community in this tank - what do you all think?

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    Not familiar with Silver Dollars but great job saving them and hopefully making your point at that Walmart to a manager. Hopefully something will be done to improve their situations. I'm sure someone will chime in soon to give you some advice on them. Good luck!!
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    A belated Thank You Kallililly1973! No one has weighed in on whether a pearl gourami would be a good tank mate for the silver dollars and SAE, and while trying to learn about gouramis I discovered the moonlight/moonbeam gourami - and it sounds even better as a tank mate than a pearl. Now the hunt is on for one of these beautiful fish!

    In the meantime the silver dollars and SAE have settled into the 40b, and are getting along beautifully. Here’s a pix of the sd’s I took yesterday showing how much their tails have grown, as well as the rest of their bodies - at least a quarter inch I’m guessing! The 2nd pix is the smaller sd (that was in the worst shape) carrying it’s piece of algae wafer around. The SAE wishes he could do that as the sd’s tend to hog them!

    If anyone here has Moonlight Gouramis I’d love to hear from you about their personalities!