Rescued Rabbits


The veterinary clinic I work at is a drop off point for a wildlife rehab center in our area. We get lots of wildlife that comes through. Right now it's baby season, so we've been getting adult and baby rabbits, opossums, raccoons, and birds. I just wanted to share some cuteness today. Enjoy!

This little girl is actually a domestic rabbit that was found. Since the wildlife rehab won't take domestic animals, one of my coworkers brought her home. She was missing large patches of fur on her back and she had some scarring. We're suspecting chemical burns, most likely from topical flea ointment. The other possibility is severe matting of the fur ripping away.


Cottontail rabbit. He was hit by a car, but looks like he'll be fine.


Baby Cottontails (do not belong to rabbit above). One thing to mention is that rabbits leave their kittens alone all day. If you think they're abandoned, they most likely aren't. If you're concerned, watch the nest. If mom doesn't come back before it's dark, then you can assume they are orphaned.


Young raccoons. Very cute. They purr. I'm not sure on the story for these guys.


Baby opossum. He bit one of the girls, he was so scared. Opossums have low body temperatures making it difficult for them to be infected with rabies. Plus, we're rabies vaccinated. So no worries.



Awh so cute!! I really hope someone didn't burn the bunny by using dog flea meds on the poor thing. People are incredibly stupid with animals and shouldn't be able to own them. I work at a pet store and we have a self serve dog wash. Well today a guy brought in a dog to wash him, after using our tub and things, he tells us he has fleas AND also might have bed bugs. I'm like....are you really that dumb to bring the dog into, not only public, but where there are other animals. I've become very blunt with stupidity, like a girl who told me she didn't feed her rabbit hay. I didn't have much to say other than "If you don't give it hay, you're going to kill it.”. Oops.

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