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Rescued Betta Fish Help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by GoldfishBreeder, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. GoldfishBreederValued MemberMember

    IMG_4615.JPGIMG_4616.JPGIMG_4612.JPGIMG_4611.JPG I would just like to mention before hand that this is a fish I rescued today, and these are the conditions he was in before he came to me. I don't have a tank for him yet but he is being kept in a quarantine container for the time being (until I can get a tank)
    • 0.75 gallons
    • no filter
    • no heater
    • 68 degrees Fahrenheit
    • single betta

    • How often do you change the water?
    • How much of the water do you change?
    • What do you use to treat your water?
    • Do you vacuum the substrate or just the water?

    • no cycle
    • Don't test water
    • No idea what the parameters are

    • once a day except on weekends
    • a small pinch
    • BettaMin pellets
    • no frozen or freeze dried food

    Illness & Symptoms:
    • owned for 5 months
    • symptoms appeared 4 weeks ago
    • Symptoms: Bloated, trouble swimming, head growth
    • no treatment started (I have absolutely no idea what is wrong)
    • He seemed to be healthy and have no issues when purchased
    • He has just been resting on the bottom and will come up every so often for food.
    Elaboration -
    Bloating: He is very bloated but still able to eat and swim.
    Swimming trouble: He comes up to the top for food and air but he swims back down to the bottom and lays on his side with his front have bent upward.
    Head growth: he has something growing on the side of his head, that opened the skin so there is open pink flesh showing. I haven't been able to figure out if it's a parasite or a ruptured tumor.
  2. CaptAnnDuchowWell Known MemberMember

    Omg poor thing @NickAu help him please.
  3. RepolieWell Known MemberMember

    You would somehow have to heat that jar to 78-82°F because 68 is too cold and can cause other health issues. Since the jar is small you would also have to do daily 50% water changes, a turkey baster works great for situations like this. His swimming issue is probably caused by his bloat, so fast him for a few days and increase the temperature. There's a lesion on his head, clean water will heal it up.
  4. GoldfishBreederValued MemberMember

    How long should it take to get results. I did put him in a breeder net in a 10 gallon I have but the highest temperature it will reach is about 74 degrees. I don't know if fasting him will help with his bloat because I know he didn't get fed over the weekend or yesterday, so he hasn't eaten in 3 days. I know people say to try peas but I don't know if he will eat it.