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Nope. I still have both of them. I'm moving the first week of July. If I don't find a home for either, then I will be forced to either hand them over to a LFS or euthanize them. I just simply don't have room for everything. I'm actually having to downsize a few other tanks into other tanks.
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What a bummer. It was a valiant effort on your part. Good luck with the move! Every time I have done it It takes me about a year to get unpacked and settled before I'm comfortable. Next time I do it I am buying a house. Hopefully something comes together in the next couple of weeks.
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Great news! The BP has officially been rehomed! He was just picked up 30 minutes ago by his new owners. He's going to a 75 Gallon tank with other BPs, so I'm glad that he'll be with his own kind. They've promised me that they'll add more hiding places for the BPs and photos of him in his new home. They also have a 90 Gallon saltwater tank along with several other tanks. He told me he's trying to offload a few tanks and I was tempted but I'm moving, so it's not the right time yet.

Old photos of the 75 G. The owners told me the Angelfish have been moved to another tank and this 75G is the Blood Parrot-only tank now.

Hopefully they'll send me new photos of him soon. Now the poor Pacu is left...
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That's fantastic news. He should be very happy in his new home.

I was watching an episode of River Monsters yesterday that focused on Pacu. I thought of you when it came on.
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So glad you found a home for one of them. Don't lose hope, there's still time. Do you have any leads on the pacu?
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I wish there was some kind of rescue network for these fish, but more effective would be pushing legislation baring their import. Thank goodness the fish department manager of my local petsmart finally convinced corporate to stop sending her pacus and start sending rams instead.

I'm sure you've tried everything under the sun, but just in case, have you tried giving any rescue farms a call? They mainly specialize in farm animals and medical rescues, but they'd be likely to know some more people and places you could try.
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Congrats Zeez and congrats to the BP in having a new home and a community of BPs.
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Have you reconsidered the stock pond idea, at least for the time being? $70 for 110 gallons is a pretty good deal

I'm glad you found the bp a home! I know he'll be happy there
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Zeez, I'm at the smokies aquarium waiting on Dino and they have pacu in the entrance. Made mess think of you, hope you have some good luck finding him a home.

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Hello all!

After discussing with several people, including those from some of the big aquariums and zoos about the Pacu that I had, all of them said that it would not be fair for the Pacu to remain in this tank and one pointed out that this Pacu has already had a longer life than most when you consider that out of the thousands of Pacu fry made in the Amazon, eaten by predators, and survived shipping or unknown factors. In the end, this Pacu was lucky that he was put into a better situation and his quality of life improved with the care that I gave him.

I was unable to find a tank of 800 gallons or more for him. All of the people who contacted me had 200 or 300 gallons but most had around 125 gallons. There was also a very high chance of this fish being stunted, and it probably was. I could not, in good conscience, allow this fish to go to a small tank, even if it was 300 gallons. I saw three Pacu at the fish store at my old town, Greensboro, but I was still not willing to give it to him and have it end up in another too-small tank.

In the end, I decided to take what I felt was the most humane solution: euthanasia. The Pacu is no more now. I found a nice spot in the backyard by a young tree and buried him so he could return to nature and become food for the tree.

In the future, I've decided that once I have bought my own place, I will set up an pond for rescue Pacus and other large fish after my eyes have been opened to the plight of these fish. Thank you for following me through this thread and giving me your input with everything.
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You did the best you could every step of the way. At least one fish found a happy ending. I hope you end up with your giant pond one day.
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You did the best you could, Zee, and we all know it. You should be proud of your self for trying to give him a better home *hugs*

I hope you get your pond soon enoug
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At the end of the day, you gave it your best.
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You can certainly say you did everything you possibly could for him and you would not settle simply passing him along to be someone else's problem or sending him somewhere that wasn't right for him. You did an awesome job and in the end you did what was right for him, even though I'm sure it was a difficult thing to do.
I think you're pretty extraordinary for everything you did for those fish.

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