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Discussion in 'Goldfish' started by Tripp_theBetta, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Tripp_theBettaNew MemberMember

    Hi, I recently was looking for a pal for my fancy goldfish and came across this teeny tiny comet goldfish with a deformity so I decided to rescue him, I know not to put him with my other fish and currently have him in a 2gallon tank alone until Friday (I promise he's not staying in there past Friday) when I can buy him his own 20gal. But I'm not sure what exactly caused his deformity, and I'm worried that my "rescuing" him might actually have to end with me putting him down, I've had many freshwater tanks but never a deformed fish so I'm looking for any and all advice on what I should do to care for the little guy, and seeing if anyone may know how he ended up this way, thanks. IMG_20180418_170404.jpgIMG_20180418_102427.jpgIMG_20180418_102434.jpg
  2. penguin02Well Known MemberMember

    A 20 gallon will not be big enough. This guy really needs a pond. What tank is your fancy in?

  3. Tripp_theBettaNew MemberMember

    I didn't want to make the thread too long with little details, but he should only have to be in the 20gal for about 5 to 6 months, I'm moving from my rental into a new house where I'll be allowed to dig up and make a pond, my fancy is in a 30 gallon and his only friend is a zebra nertie snail, I know he'll also need a pond one day, and he'll need about 60 or more gallons than he has now if I decide to give him a gold fish friend

  4. phantomValued MemberMember

    its adorable sadly though I think your right about that he may have to be put down but seems fine right now

  5. Tripp_theBettaNew MemberMember

    Thank you! I couldn't resist him, he seems to get around fine and plays around his little house and air stone alot, I'm just worried because he can't tell me if hes hurting like a cat or dog can
  6. penguin02Well Known MemberMember

    Once he's in a bigger tank it'll be easier to tell because he'll have more room to swim. :)
  7. Tripp_theBettaNew MemberMember

    Ok, thank you! I'll update this thread Friday when I get his new tank
  8. Gypsy13Fishlore VIPMember

    Ok this isn’t fair! Someone tell me how this bb is deformed please. I’ve been raising comets for years. What’s wrong with this one?
  9. MikeRad89Well Known MemberMember

    The spine is deformed.
  10. scarfaceFishlore VIPMember

    I’m fairly certain it’s malnutrition and maybe even internal parasites. I couldn’t tell you.

    Let’s not digress guys. This thread isn’t about his/her fancy goldfish. The Comet is in bad shape, so we should focus on that.
  11. Gypsy13Fishlore VIPMember

    Ok. Thank you. If it’s genetic please don’t put it in a situation where breeding is possible. If the scoliosis is side to side, the fish may live quite a while. If it’s U shaped up, down or either side prognosis is not good. If it’s genetic or due to an injury and is eating/swimming ok keeping it as a precious pet is alright. If it’s malnutrition or overcrowding during development it’s lifespan will be short.
    If it joyfully goes after food and acknowledges your presence, it’s probably not in a lot of pain. If eating seems to be a chore, you may want to consider euthanasia. I’m sorry I can’t see your baby. I’m ever so glad you took pity on it and brought it home. Whatever you decide, you are this fish’s guardian angel. Thank you. My heart is with you.
  12. Tripp_theBettaNew MemberMember

    He's doing great! I moved him to the big tank not too long ago and he is swimming about so much it was pretty much impossible to get pictures, he ate quick and willingly when I dropped food in, and seems alot more active now that he's in a proper tank, I think I want to call him Apollo IMG_20180421_163552.jpgIMG_20180421_163315.jpgIMG_20180421_163624.jpg
  13. Gypsy13Fishlore VIPMember

    I think Apollo is perfect! Eating swimming happily and doing the poo thing means you’ve done a wonderful thing. I can’t reach you so give yourself a big hug! I’m glad I’m not the only member of the broken wing/lost puppy society. Live Long and Prosper Apollo! :)

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