Rescaping My Tanks Today!

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I now have lots and lots of plants since I learned how to stop killing everything. So round 3? Of trying to redo things!

I have no idea what I'm doing xP or what I want to do help?

Also in the process of sanding down some new driftwood. I also cut off an ugly part I hated before I even bought it. And I love it so much more now <3 I didn't take any before pictures myself though I do have one but not sure I can post it so I'll show you progress pictures instead!

I wish I could go grab sand to stick into my 40 and 20 and one of my 10 gallon tanks ugh

Why can't I drive??


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Following! Can't wait to see the beautiful tanks
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oooh, I definitely like the 3rd picture's angle the best!
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I will take some before pictures before I take everything out. Then take pictures of everything I have to work with.

I'm getting more driftwood next week and should probably wait buuuuttt shhhh I'll try to plan ahead for the addition of the other wood.

The 20 long and 2 of my 10s will be worked on today. The 20 is currently a mess cuz I had to dump plants in and was just trying to break up all the open space and not really caring about looks since I knew I was changing it soon anyways lol

Still trying to destress from work first by attacking this wood. Been at it for over 2 hours now. I think I got everything but the bottom part that was where it broke off the tree done.

The 40 will be getting all left over plants kinda added randomly since I'm going to redo the gravel (it's a mix of all my left overs so I could have a place for my fry to hide). The gravel looks horrible xP but it serves it's intended purpose. I should be able to get some sand this weekend I hope! My dad promised we'd go get supplies this coming weekend for the pond so. Hopefully he keeps good on that.

Wish I had a way to keep plants in the other 10 gallon but it's bare bottom right now xP
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Driftwood finally done and cleaned! Now for ugly before pictures and stuff xD


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Before pictures!

Btw the lids/lights are all new! Same with the filters. All of this is part of my bday present to myself.

And a picture of the newest upgrade for my pot. That pot has the best parameters of all my tanks xD it stayed at ammonia/nitrites 0 and nitrates 5 it's entire life including without a filter. The fish that end up there grow so much bigger and faster from all the bugs and fresh air! I love it. Needs way more plants though.

The pot is going to be taken down, painted and revamped lots more soon too.


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Oh! Forgot to mention I'll also be setting up a 2.5 gallon tank for these whisker shrimp jerks >c recently figured out my ghost shrimp are actually whisker shrimp and finally took them out. They've eaten all my least killifish and black bellied limia fry this entire time. I feel bad I listened when you guys said it might be my betta and took him away. He's very fry friendly. So much so he refuses to eat the ones I've been trying to feed him and they just end up being his buddies lol! So he's been being punished for no reason lol

Will need help picking which plants are the best for them cuz I honestly have no idea

Okay so this tank has some rocks, driftwood, Cholla wood and some very stressed fish buddies.

That new driftwood is gonna go in here cuz they love hiding in their other one


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whisker shrimps?
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whisker shrimps?
Ugh yeah they've murdered countless babies -sobs-

So! I could not for the life of me get that driftwood to stay down >c finally got it wedged in there but can't say I exactly like where it is. But I can always fix it one it learns to behave. Guess I didn't notice how hard it was to get it to stay down while boiling it. Whoops!

Gonna die if this slips and breaks my tank due to falling rocks ;o;
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I feel so bad I keep changing the wood around xD but finally found a setup my fish like the best dunno how I feel but they're happy with it.

I'm now worried I made the wood too smooth though xP but I sanded it until it didn't feel like it was going to rip fins anymore. Needed to be done. I also can't get it to stay down in the better angles so maybe that's why I'm grumpy with it?

Ignore the dirty water. Apparently I'm bad at gravel cleaning probably cuz all the fry in this tank stay at the bottom and I'm always worried imma kill them lol

Gotta figure out a sneakier way to keep it down >c I'm very determined


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I finally got it perfect right? All ready to start adding plants? The driftwood unlogged itself -cries- I'm fairly upset at it but whatever. It's good enough now and imma add some plants
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Perfect! Yes! You should do a moss carpet in one tank
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I had a 'ghost shrimp' that turned out to be whisker shrimp and ate almost all of my fish including two bettas as well!
I see you are from CT too. Which store did you get them at? I wouldn't be shocked if most of the stores in Ct used the same wholesaler.
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Perfect! Yes! You should do a moss carpet in one tank
Omg I have s moss pad in this one!! It was just hiding before 83

I had a 'ghost shrimp' that turned out to be whisker shrimp and ate almost all of my fish including two bettas as well!
I see you are from CT too. Which store did you get them at? I wouldn't be shocked if most of the stores in Ct used the same wholesaler.
Ugh yeah :I I know I did have ghost shrimp too but all my shrimp died (all the ghost shrimp apparently) and I had been thinking I was lucky these guys survived for 7 months instead of just 2-4 weeks -sigh-

I got them from petco in Milford. I do not buy anything there anymore because of how horrible their fish are. I had so many massive die offs it made me feel like I knew nothing about fish. Nope it was just their fish were bad.

Also omg I stopped taking pictures of my progress because the wood kept messing up xP finally finished this one tank though!!

My poor fish are stressed but also excited and curious. They don't know what to do right now xD

Sorry guys! I tried to show my progress but I'm a horrible person and too picky and torture all my fish :c

I'll have to take some nice pictures of them once they get their color back. My poor male is white as a ghost!


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Also can you tell I like stem plants? . I didn't notice I did that when I bought them all whoops!
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wow!! looks amazing! definitely a drastic difference from two pieces of wood and a rock to this heheh
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XD yes! And thank you :3

I'm taking a break and debating doing the 20. It's the next one that needs to get done but at the same time. I'm getting new driftwood for it next week. Buutt I'm kinda mad at wood right now

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