Requesting Suggestions/tips On Transporting Fish. Question

  1. Tom Hardy

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    Hi all,
    I will be moving soon - a 16 hr drive which I have decided to complete in 2 days of 8 hr intervals (+1 day more to move into my new apartment and set up the aquarium). I will be transporting the following livestock - 12 small to medium sized platys, 4 yoyo loaches, 5 odessa barbs, 1 kribensis, 2 oto cats and 1 amano shrimp. My planted 29 gal is more than 2 years old with exceptionally stable parameters and before anyone raises an eyebrow, the amano and fish are together for the entire period and somehow has survived. Anyways, I have the following plan of action I would like to run by with you guys. I would like to keep the filter bacteria (at least a good percentage of it ) alive during the move, if that is indeed possible.

    Any positive suggestions from you are dearly appreciated.

    1) I have chosen a ~8 gallon sized plastic cooler (will be 70% filled with tank water and I know not to feed the fish for at least 48 hrs before moving).

    2) I will keep the filter media (in bags) in the cooler with a water circulator pump OR can keep the HOB filter running on the side of the cooler at the slowest flow speed in addition to an aerator and a submersible heater (as its chilly outside). Power will be driven from a car inverter. I plan to stop for no more than 30 mins during driving breaks and will plug the system as soon as I get into the hotel for staying overnight. IS THIS A GOOD IDEA IN THE FIRST PLACE? Will this method preserve the filter bacteria?

    3) I plan to transport the live plants separately in tank water. Will put the amano in there too. Would I rather put the plants along with the fish?

    4) Is it a good idea to replace about 10-20% water while on move and dose with prime every 24 hrs during the move or should I keep the system as is?
  2. lilabug4545

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    The best advice I have for this situation is to ask for the hotel to give you a first-floor room!
  3. OP
    Tom Hardy

    Tom Hardy New Member Member

    Thanks.... that will be my first priority... :p