Request For Feedback On 120g Stocking

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  1. jake37

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    I posted a while ago about a 120 gallon tank - this is what I currently have:
    2 swordtails (m/f - not new)
    3 guppies (2f/1m)
    4 clowns (between 1.5 and 3 inches)
    5 zebra (nearly 4 inches)
    8 kuhli (2 pangio myersi (I think); 6 kuhli or semicincta - not sure how to tell which)
    8 angelfish (about 3 or 4 months old - 2 look near adult size - 3 of them are defective and might yack them)
    1 upside down cat (got him today)
    5 sterbai cory
    2 bn pleco (1m/1f - around 5 to 6 inches)
    14 cardinal tetra
    7 otto
    nitrate are running close to 35ppm; 0 nitrite 0 amonia; temp ranges from 79 to 81 (but pops up to 84 if ac dies - which it did 5 weeks past)
    would adding 2 german blue or gold ram be safe. Most of the fishes i have are near adult size 'cept the clowns - but in 2 years i'll be able to move them to a much larger tank - so I think i'm safe. The angels are large but mostly hang out at the front of the tank - mostly begging for food. The zebra and clown still hide a lot when i walk across the room but the kuhli no longer bother hiding during the day. I'm a little worry about the nitrate level - i do a 25-30% water change once a week (basically pull out 30 gallons).
    The following fishes are on my wish list:
    5 sterbai cory
    3 pangio myersi
    2 rams (not sure if this is a good idea)
    5 kubai loaches (no clue if they will show up anytime soon)
    maybe another random guppy if i see one i like some point in the future.
    (i was worried the angels would go after the guppy - esp as the male is very small - around 1.5 inches - but turns out he chases the angels around)
    (in the picture the fry net in front has 2 small frys i found in the canister filter when i cleaned it out - i'm going to clean out the second one this weekend and i presume i will find more frys - if so i'll have to decide what to do - probably stick them in a pail with a heater and sponge filter)
    tank is planted per picture:

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  2. Nameer Khan

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    Woah! Your tank looks awesome, I think adding the rams would be fine. I think adding more bottom dwellers wouldn’t be the best, mabye after the clowns move out.
  3. Smalltownfishfriend

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    What's the temp??
  4. OP

    jake37Valued MemberMember

    Per blob of text above between 79 and 81.

  5. Twigleg

    TwiglegNew MemberMember

    Great looking tank.
  6. Nabaliss

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    What are the tall grass like plants on the left?
  7. Charlie’s Dad

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    I would give it a go ahead on either pair. You have a sizable foot print with your tank.

    Just keep a check on water values and Temps and I know you do.

    Awesome tank by the way!!!!

    Keep us posted!
  8. OP

    jake37Valued MemberMember

    jungle val.