Replicating Inline Co2 On An Aquaclear 20 Question

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by Deep Dave, May 24, 2019.

  1. Deep Dave Valued Member Member


    Similar to the functionality of an Inline Co2 pumped into a Canister Filter, I am trying to do the same with an Aquaclear 20.

    What I have done is, place the diffuser right below the filter suction pipe of the AC20 so that the diffused bubbles get sucked into the filter, and the filter output should have water with Co2 diffused in it.

    Has anyone tried the same? And is/can the idea be successful?
  2. Tanks and Plants Well Known Member Member

    When I had my planted tank setup and was heavily into the planted tank scene is that what you don’t want to do is to loose the least amount of Co2.

    Now when you use a filter like the AC’s while the Co2 bubbles are broken up in the impeller you loose a great deal when the water from the AC hits the top of the tank water. This could be different if the water from the tank is sitting right where the water enters from the filter, to where it creates a gentle flow and not a water fall. If you have it where the filter is making a water fall you will loose a lot of the Co2 there because that’s where you have the biggest amount of surface agitation and the Co2 will simply just get gassed out. You want the Co2 bubble to stay in the tank as long as possible so that it can release more Co2 into the tank and i would just use a good diffuser(one that can create the smallest bubbles) and place it in front of the output of a canister filter so that the bubbles gets pushed further and all around the tank.

    Your idea cam work IMHO if you have both the tank water and the water from the filter the same as not to create a water fall.

    Good Luck!
  3. Deep Dave Valued Member Member


    I use a Atomiser which creates really tiny bubbles.. Also, the water level of the tank is filled till almost the top, exactly where the water from the filter enters the tank.. Its creating a current but not breaking up the surface