Replacing live rock? Am I doing this right?

Discussion in 'Live Rock' started by LiterallyHydro, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. LiterallyHydroWell Known MemberMember

    I want to replace most of the live rock in my 29G reef with BRS reef saver dry rock. I know the rock will have to be cured before it can replace the old rock, so this is what I was thinking of doing.

    Rinse and soak the rock for a few days to get any dust or other matter off the rock. And then going to one of two routes:

    1) Replace 1/4 of the rock in the tank at a time and work in sections, with about 1-2 weeks in between.

    2) Curing the rock in a bucket with a powerhead for a month and just doing the swap all at once.

    I'm going to keep at least a few pieces of the old rock so I can have a source of coralline algae and to help colonize the BB onto the new rock. There is about 20lb of reef saver rock and will probably use about 10lb of my current rock as a base rock to stack the reef saver rock on top of.
  2. Claire BearWell Known MemberMember

    Hi, I am curious as to why you are replacing the rock.
    Anyway, the rock you get that is dry really just needs rinsed and then can go in, at least that is what I have done with my rock in the past that I purchased from BRS. You can leave the rock you intend to seed with and then simply rinse and add the new rock.
  3. LiterallyHydroWell Known MemberMember

    So just rinse and add the rock to the tank, then remove the old rock over time? And the reason is because I'm very unhappy with my current layout that just looks like a pile of rocks. I really like the look of the reef saver rock and decided that's the main look I'm going to go with.

    I'm thinking I'm going to go with a few "islands" instead of arches or something.

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