Replacing Filter And Saving Bb Question

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by Colleen B, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. Colleen B Well Known Member Member

    I hate the topfin filter that my 37g came with so I got an aquaclear 50. Have been running both for 48 hours. If I put the media from the old in the new and get rid of the topfin do I risk a mini cycle because of the bb I'm losing on the filter itself and the intake sponge? Intake sponge is too big to use on the AC. Dont want another ammonia spike...

    I set the tank up a month ago and had a bit of trouble cycling even though I used cycled media.

  2. Momgoose56 Well Known Member Member

    Is the tank completely cycled now? What are your ammonia, nitrite and nitrate readings now? You can 'squeeze' and rinse the old filter media into the new filter or into the tank itself. Don't vacuum or stir up your substrate for a couple weeks (there are bacteria in that too) and as long as your tank is fully cycled you should have no more problems than if you just did a normal change of the filter media.

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  3. Thunder_o_b Fishlore VIP Member

    Dose with Stability like it was a new setup. I do this when I do a deep cleaning of a filter. But then I run two filters on all our aquariums but the betta 10.

  4. Colleen B Well Known Member Member

    I'm not sure. I have a hard time seeing the colors in the API kit. I'd say my ammonia is 0, nitrite is 0.0-0.05, nitrate 10. 20190105_201316.jpg
  5. Thunder_o_b Fishlore VIP Member

    I would say yes.
  6. Colleen B Well Known Member Member

    Yes it is cycled? I swear I'm color blind. Sometimes I see the ammonia tube as very green when others in the house say it's obviously yellow... same with the nitrate one. Red? Orange? Yellow? Dont ask me! Lol I prefer strips but supposedly kit is more accurate. Ugh!
  7. AquaticJ Fishlore VIP Member

    Cut up the intake sponge and then put it in the AC. If you have the carbon still in the AC that comes with it, take it out and use the space for the cut up sponge.
  8. Colleen B Well Known Member Member

    That's a good idea! Never thought of cutting up and putting it in. Will definitely do that.
  9. Thunder_o_b Fishlore VIP Member

    Yes cycled from what I am seeing.
  10. Momgoose56 Well Known Member Member

    Looks like it's cycled, that's yellow. The sponge, scissors, what Aquatic J said. I woulda never thought of that ...good idea AJ!
  11. Colleen B Well Known Member Member

    I would swear that was green lol I cant ever tell!!! Sometimes I do water changes thinking I have ammonia then someone will say ".....that's yellow."
  12. Momgoose56 Well Known Member Member

    Your Nitrite looks 0 to me and your Nitrate looks between 5 and 10. Do you have someone who can read those for you? You might have a little 'touch' of color blindness but if you're ever in doubt and don't have someone around to double check, you can post your test here and we can read it for you!:)
  13. Momgoose56 Well Known Member Member

    Lol! Well, maybe you'll not have any 'ammonia spikes' if we double check it for you!
  14. aussieJJDude Well Known Member Member

    I have found when I regularly tested my water, photographing the test tubes over a (clean) white background and comparing the photos to the chart helped me..

    Maybe do the same?
  15. Islandvic Well Known Member Member

    Why dont you run both filters on the tank?

    When I did my write-up on cheap and effective DIY filter media, I used my Top Fin and Aquaclears as examples.

    Here is a LINK to it, maybe you can take some ideas from it for your set up.
  16. Colleen B Well Known Member Member

    my hood doesn't fit with both
  17. Momgoose56 Well Known Member Member

    Do you have fish in the tank yet?
  18. Colleen B Well Known Member Member

    yes, and I did end up taking the old filter out. worked out just fine :)