Rena XP2 Filter Question

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by WolfPack21, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. WolfPack21Valued MemberMember

    Hi Everyone, I finally got a new stand and now I have my tank running with its new Rena canister. My only question is when I cut the tubbing, they said to leave about 4 inches, and it seems a little to long on one side. I did not have any problems priming. I could maybe cut off another inch or 2, but I just wanted to double and check and make sure it is fine, there is no snaging of any kind as well. Thanks!
  2. grumpValued MemberMember

    Hi WolfPack21 if it is running ok I wouldn't bother I to use a rena xp2 and my tubing is a bit longer then needed and it has been going for 2 years without 1 problem.. A little extra is good if ever need to move it out of the way while you work under your tank...Hope i could help Rob
  3. WolfPack21Valued MemberMember

    Thanks, hearing that from someone else is always nice!
  4. WolfPack21Valued MemberMember

    How often do you clean the filter motor of the rena xp2's?
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