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Removing Canister Black Sponge With Pre-filter?

  1. clubtc05 New Member Member

    I have 2 Cascades 1000 on my 38G tank (Cichlids), I was wondering if it's fine to remove the black sponge which is the first stage in the canister IF there is a huge pre-filter sponge on them (Filter-Max III)? The reason why is I want to increase my GPH a bit.
  2. APierce Well Known Member Member

    You can, but i'd squeeze it out in a bit of tank water that is in a bucket and stick it inside the tank for a few days to help with any mini cycle that might happen. I'd only do one pre-filter sponge at a time too.
  3. clubtc05 New Member Member

    Thank you!
  4. Swampgorilla Valued Member Member

    I would never remove filter MEDIA in order to increase GPH unless the filter media weren't supposed to be there in the first place. In other words ... overstuffing media can cause flow problems ... but the purpose of a FILTER is to FILTER and if you remove the filtration media, then what you are left with is a PUMP.

    That is, if I read this right? You want to remove the sponge in the bottom and leave the bottom tray empty in the filter?

    I don't raise Chichlids, but as I understand it - they need pretty pristine water conditions? This is achieved through filtration. You have a unique opportunity here to use the pre-filter as means to put finer filter media in that bottom tray. That is what I would do.

    Can't imagine Chichlids being any more "dirty" than Goldfish - which is what I have. I have two canisters on my 72 gallon goldfish tank plus an AC 110 HOB. Couldn't tell you what "GPH" all that stuff is because it's irrelevant. It's not so much "GPH" that gets you clean water as it is the SURFACE AREA of the media. With two Cascade 1000's ... you should have AN ABUNDANCE of surface area and I would take advantage of every bit of it.

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