20 Gallon Tank Removed Krib Cichlid Babies Too Soon


Successfully breeding fish is a great feeling.... and then you get to the part where everything starts to go downhill. So, about two weeks ago, my pair of kribensis cichlids bred and the babies were just free-swimming. This is my first time breeding these fish, however I do have experience with breeding other fish. Long story short, I made a rookie mistake and separated the fry from the parents a week and a half after they hatched, and the fry are fine and dandy, but the parents turned on each other. The female is nipping the male’s fins like crazy, and he’s found a successful hiding spot (for now) in a hole in the driftwood. The fry are fine in their tank, again, but what should I do? I love both of these fish, but I may or may not have ruined it. Is there any way I should add the fry to the tank? I feel that they’ve been away to long from their mom to recognize her. I could separate the male and female, but I would like to work it out as they are very cute together. Thank you guys! (I just want to note that everything I read about these fish said they would be easy to take care of... and this has been anything but that! )


She should settle down .
If not separate him and her just for a couple days and give them a try again .
I have seen parents flip out after fry are removed . 1 1/2 weeks is not too soon IMO.
I have had some of my female krib kill males regardless of fry if they are all lit up !
If he is not larger then her by far watch out for him . Remove her from the main tank so he can be the owner of the territory when she comes back .


coralbandit is right, I've had females kill the male more than once. I always use a larger male than female but have had the females go nuts. Like he said I would separate and let the male re-establish his treatory. After breeding and removing the fry I normally separate the male and female for a couple of weeks, you could try to put 3-4 of the fry back in and see what happens, if she accepts them than add a few every few hours and hope for the best.


I third this!


I fourth it! The female krib is very feisty. My female beat up and ripped the males lip almost right off. They were definetly different than the South American cichlids I had bred before, way more intense like everything they do is multiplied times 1000. They also were more robust and my pair worked it out on their own.

I can't remember at which point the female beat up the male, if it had anything to do with spawning or babies.

If I try them again, it will be in a large community tank, or I will separate the female and male and give them a breeding break. I had to rehome my pair because I was overrun with kribs. But I would love to keep them again. Such great personality and pretty tough for a smaller fish.

Hope they work it out


I have successfully reintroduced fry before and eaven another batch from another female. Good luck


I usually have a few cheap dithers like black skirt tetras (very durable) or small Danios for the homicidal female to calm down after spawning.
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