Remodel or Whatevs.

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    So, just recently got a few free tanks. My mother got me a 29, and a 20long.

    Thinking of moving the shrimp from a 20H to a20L,

    20H will be moving into my brother in laws for his cichlid upsized from a 10,

    The 10 will be moved back into our room for our betta,

    And lastly... 29g community??

    Would Glass Cats and a Ghost Knife do alright together? I believe they are both super docile. Obviously over time the Ghost would eat the cats.

    29g Comm would be temporary until the 75g is moved from the garage. (Yes we can, probably a couple months after the ghost and cats grow) and at the end of lease we are moving out, fish room, and purchasing a 350g display.

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    It sounds OK to me! I would just check that the type of glass cats you have are temperature compatible with the ghost knife.