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Well we've managed our first test run tonight and been quite successful. We've managed to set up a unique automatic water change system. We are using RODI water in our tanks. Two will be on the automatic system. I'm vaguely aware that we need to remineralise the RODI water. Currently I'm not sure if we can do that through the RODI unit itself. We live in the UK and I'm struggling to find a remineralisation unit to attach to the RODI. That aside I'm also still trying to get my head around this particular part of the RODI unit.

In the short term (next month or two) I'm hoping I can just add some Seachem or other similar product to see us to a point where we have worked out the next stage.

I'd welcome help on this please. Can I add Seachem Remineraliser by adding a measured amount straight to the tank. As I've said it's not permanent but I do need to get the phosphate levels in the tanks down. Our tap water is terrible for phosphates and nitrates. We have control of the nitrates through filtration.

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Your reminerilation needs to be done after the production, what we normally do is produce water into a container and reminerilise there before adding to the the tank, I've not heard of a unit where minerals can be added automatically to the tank via a fixed unit to the rodi unit, it would have to be very precise to get the mix right,
Adding minerals straight to the tank will not work, you'd need to know the amount of minerals needed for the amount of water being changed which is easy, the difficult part is having the mix done exactly the same each week to come along side the tank parameters which will be different each week. They are never the same which will make automatic mixing very difficult,
I think I'm on the right track with you, let me know if I'm not on the same wavelength,

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