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    The Moderators have been busy over the last several few weeks contacting members about posting images/text that they do not own or did not write themselves.

    Here at FishLore, we take this very seriously.
    Please respect copyright laws and the owners of such work by simply not doing it.
    Usually a link to the information/ image will suffice.
    Remember just because it's on the internet does not mean it's free to use.

    Please take a moment to read to read the following stickies:

    FishLore Forum Rules
    Rule :
    10. Please don't use content on the forum that is copyrighted! This includes text, images (including avatars) or video. If needed for the discussion, please use the link to the content instead of posting it on the forum. Credit sources where applicable.

    Referencing books/magazines/other websites

    Confused by Copyright rules/laws? This might help

    Think no one will notice?
    Think again:
    Reminder about using copyright protected material and images

    Copyright Infringement Notice (again) from

    If you see something that you suspect is not the work of the poster,please use the report button.
    The Moderators will look into it.

    Thank you all for your cooperation.
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    Bumping this as again several copyrighted images have been deleted over the last few days.
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    Think this needs another bump as several copyrighted images have been removed recently
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    Bada Da Bumpity Bump
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    We have been busy again removing content that is copyrighted so it's time for another bump.
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    Think this needs another bump as we’ve had to remove quite a bit of copyrighted content recently.