Reinforcing your floor?

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    I have seen large volume aquariums out there, my question is, has anyone had to reinforce their floor to accommodate these large tanks? I am not talking about custom 1000gal tanks, but more in the range of 175 or 250 gallon? I am moving soon into my first home (done with apartments) and I want to do a serious upscale in tank size but my concern is the weight and location of the stationary weight for a long period of time adversely effecting the strength of the floor or maybe a lean that could prove disastrous. Maybe there is a specific location that is preferable that most houses have? Has anyone had to have a contractor come in to reinforce stuff up? Or did you do it your self?

    I am really curious because this is my favorite hobby now, and my house will have to be able to support my MTS! looking for ideas. (LOL):)
    Thanks for your time.
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    Kitchens and bathrooms seem to be the most reinforced floors in a home. Picking a wall that shares a wall with a bathroom can prove beneficial. Mostly you need to worry about which direction the floor jousts go and spread the weight of the tank across them. Outside walls and especially outside corners help even more with this.
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    Thanks for the info guys!
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    I'm going to put up re-inforcements under my house since I don't have a basement. Hubs thinks we don't need to, but I like the security and sound mind.
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    That's a good read. I knew my 55 would be good where I put it. Probably could go up to a 90 in that spot where it's at. But my future plans and mean far off in the future is a 125 gallon aquarium at least. And that one will be in my basement on the concrete floor.
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    I'm thinking concrete block or those posts made for holding up floors. They're expensive at $63 each though. The block is like $1.50 each.

    I'll be crawling under the house this week to see what's under there now. My tank won't be up until next weekend anyway.
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    the post are called adjustable floor jacks. two of them and a double 2x10. you shouldn't have a problem ever