Reinforcement Of 36 Gal Bowfront Stand

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    I just discovered this subforum and wanted to share my stand modifications just in case anyone goes searching for ideas. It was on display at PetSmart so it was already assembled. Since the stand is pressboard and I live in an earthquake zone, I wanted to add a little insurance by reinforcing it.

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    The imaged are not visible?

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    I only posted 3 photos. I suggest using a web browser if you have any issues. Works fine in Chrome on my phone and PC.
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    Best guy to call in here to take a look-see is @NavyChief20
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    The boxed out octagon is a nice touch. That will be excellent reinforcement for the back portion. The front looks like it is stock so you will have the worry of it not being upgraded. Realistically if you are just going to use the under cabinet for storage and not a sump you could do an internal frame on the front by the door access. If you can have 2x3 sitting on 2x3 with an upper 2x3 then you should be in business. Im not a huge fan of the particle board stands either for obvious reasons but your reinforcement looks solid. In earthquake areas you may also want to use an anchor strap to the wall. I believe California building code requires it over a certain height and weight; however, im not a building inspector so dont quote me on that one.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. Earthquake straps are on my shopping list. They didn't have any available when I last visited Home Depot so I'll have to search online. When I searched for feedback on that topic, I came across a thread (may have been a different forum) where nearly everyone was saying it would be better to let it rock and that securing it was a mistake. I then found a Youtube video of 2 identical tanks on a shake table (1 strapped to wall, 1 unsecured) and not surprisingly (to me), the unsecured tank fell over first.

    I had similar thoughts about reinforcing the front portion but wasn't sure how much I'd be bothered by reducing the usable space. I did the rear since this stand was totally open while most stands have some form of rear sheathing that adds a lot of strength. Now that I have been using it for a little while, I wouldn't mind adding a 2x3 along the inner front top with vertical pieces against the walls. As long as I leave the bottom open, I wouldn't mind. I doubt that I'll bother though.
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    Yeah the straps are a must. The forward brace really shouldn't be needed but it is an option.
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    I came across the video I mentioned:

    Nearly all of the comments are critical of the stand being too flimsy. It seems that some people that don't brace their tank feel the need to justify their decision. My conclusion is that all things being equal, straps help. Hopefully, they'll never be tested.
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    Yeah those kinda stands you must brace it. Particle board just doesnt hold up to stress really well. Your brace system is set up to provide great lateral support as well as compression support
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    Just to be clear, by "brace", I really meant "strap to the wall". Since I didn't assemble my stand, I was unsure of how sturdy it would be, especially once loaded with 400 lbs. I've got 2 young kids, so I try to secure anything that could topple when (not if) the next quake hits.
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    Im a mechanical engineer dude. I get it lol.
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    *Head smack* I have the same aquarium and stand. I wish I would have thought of the reinforcement before I set mine up! Great idea and thanks for the pictures.
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    Thanks! Theoretically, you could do it all by accessing it through the front door, but it would definitely be a bigger pain.