Rehoming Fish-should I Expect Water Params To Spazz?


I am rehoming 6-8 mollies (about 1.5-2") out of a 60 gal slightly overstocked but closely monitored tank that has been cycled for several months and params are good. What concerns should I have (if any) about the decreased stock. Will it affect bb or ph in any way and how to prepare to prevent or minimize any parameters etc from spazzing out on me. Thanks for all your help. xoxo
<-- as you can see, the black mollies have started to take over the tank...the clown loach in the background is all ****** hahaha
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No. You will be fine.


Agreed. You won’t have any issues as long as there are some fish to keep the cycle going.
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okay thanks for your quick responses! I LOVE this forum <3

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