Refugium or protien skimmer?


I'm planning my 30 gallon reef setup and was curious If a refugium or a protein skimmer was a better option?
I can only really afford one in my current budget, I'm thinking of either an aquatic life 115 protein skimmer or a diy aquaclear 50 with a standard grow light and some chaeto algae, I understand protein skimmer is more expensive but refugium is more risky. Which one does a better job maintaining phosphate/nitrate or reducing need for water changes? (I might eventually get both when/if I start stocking more heavily and it fits my budget)
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Giving this a bump up for you hope our salty members can help you today


Protein skimmer will do more for you IMO..
Not so sure on the aquatic life though ?
Skimmers should rated for 2X the tank volume .
Look at Eshopps skimmers if they are available ..


Definitely a protein skimmer. You can add a refugium anytime and the skimmer will do much more for you.

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