Refugium Mineral Mud As A Top Layer?

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    So I'm putting together a Brackish tank for mudskippers, and have the base layer of gravel and sand laid out. I purchased mineral mud, because I wanted to put mud on the dry part of about half the tank, and it seems to be intended for brackish/mangrove setups. However, I'm now noticing some recommendations that once you set the bed, you can't disturb it.

    Does anyone have any experience with this?

    Would I want to avoid using this as a top layer since inevitably it will get disturbed moving decorations and in water changes, etc? Or do those of you who have experience with it think It would be alright exposed on top?

    Some pics of the in-progress setup, idea was mud on top on the left where the sand is:

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    Welcome to Fishlore, that sounds like an exciting project hope someone with experience of that product can help answer your question today.
    Edit: don’t forget pics as you build the habitat, we like pics
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