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Refinishing tank and stand

Discussion in 'Freshwater Tank Equipment' started by bassbonediva, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. bassbonediva Fishlore VIP Member

    I just "inherited" a 90 gallon tank and stand from my boyfriend's brother's renters who bailed suddenly and left it in the house. Whoo-hoo! This saves me having to buy a bigger tank come tax time. Anyway, the tank is in rough shape and the stand needs some TLC.

    The tank is wood-trimmed, which I don't like, so I was planning on painting it black (or dark red...I'll explain in a moment). The stand is a different matter. It's a nice, solid wood stand with two doors, but it's painted an awful shade of green. So, I'll need to paint that, too. My problem is, I'm not sure what color/how to paint it. The tank is going in our living room, right as you walk in the front door, so it'll be the first thing you see and needs to look nice. Our living room is decorated in dark reds, blacks, golds and medium leather. I'm thinking of replacing all the hardware on the stand with antique brass. But, I'm not sure what color(s) to paint the stand. Any ideas? Oh, and the wood in the living room is all maple and cherry, but I'm not sure what the wood under the paint on the stand is like (if it's stainable or not).

  2. Tonia Well Known Member Member

    I would suggest going to a hardware store and either look into paint strippers and start over, then you can also change the hardware as you wish, and make sure nails or screws are tight and that everything is in order with the stand before setting up the tank. As long as you go with a latex based color, or a stain if you choose that and have it fully dry before setting up your tank, I would think it will be good.

    One thing to remember, do the stripping and painting outdoors or in a garage, we don't want you or anyone else to be harmed due to fumes.

    Most hardware places can help with stripping products and water resistant products. Even though it will be inside the house when it's finished, you may look into indoor/ outdoor paints. They are often more resistant than the occasional water spills that happen when cleaning the tank.

    Congrats on the gorgeous new tank!! I'm ever so jealous!

  3. Rejectedbread87 Valued Member Member

    Sweet deal! Good luck on your re-finish job!

  4. bassbonediva Fishlore VIP Member

    Thanks for the info, shayla. I'm pretty handy, so I knew most of that already. I was more looking for ideas on how to make the stand look more like a piece of furniture that belongs with the decor, though. Paint techniques, ideas for colors/patterns/etc...that sort of thing.
  5. kevin215 Valued Member Member

    Awesome I love projects like that. I just refinished a 29g set up for a friend. A few things i did to give you some ideas. He also had a faux wood trimmed tank that we switched to black. What i did was tape off the tank make sure the top is sealed very well so you don't get anything in side. Use krylon fusion paint it bonds with plastic and will never come off. It take a few days to fully cure but once it does it looks great.
    With the stand you have to figure out what it was made of first. If it is partical board with laminate stripping and sanding it will not look good and you are better off just painting it. If it is solid wood stripping and sanding will come out nice.
    What i did was just sand to bear wood i stained it match my friends floor and two coats of polly it came out pretty good.
    Also most of the time the interior of the stands are not finished so it makes it easy to test stain colors in a spot no one will ever see.
  6. bassbonediva Fishlore VIP Member

    Thanks, Kevin. I'm about 90% sure it's real wood, but I just got a quick glance of it last night when we checked the house (renters still hadn't returned their key and we wanted to make sure they hadn't stolen anything else cuz they stole quite a bit when they moved out).
  7. Sbreault New Member Member

    If someone made a tank trim kit would you have tried that instead of painting? I have been working on creating these kits and gloss black would be one of them for your very purpose. Also would be making these kits out of brushed aluminum and a mirror finish as well. What do you think? Here is an image I photo shopped for the idea.

  8. JRC3 Well Known Member Member

  9. KellyCrabbieLove New Member Member

    I came across this post looking for tips refinishing tanks and stands. Have you actually developed these? I have a 125 that I need to rescue from the hideousness that is the faux wood trim. :-D