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???HI all,
I would like to change the water in my 55 gal tank weekly, but I foresee a bit of a stumbling block in the shape of heavy lifting and carrying of warm treated water through my capetted house for refilling the tank every single time. Has anyone out there come up with a way to overcome this particular issue. Especially the spilling of buckets in a bedroom with carpet. Even with smaller buckets this will still be a deterrant because of all the water everywhere. My main concern is the frequent tiresome lifting.



P.S. My tank is only 2 weeks old cycling with 2 fish (molly, Swordtail).


You definitely need a python. I wouldn't have a large tank without one. The only problem you might have is that you will be refilling directly from the tap. Some tap water needs to be "gassed out" before adding to the tank. To find out if you have this problem, pour some tap water into a bowl and test the ph. Let it set overnight and test it again in the morning. If you have more than a .2 difference in ph, it will cause stress to your fish and will need to be aged before adding to the tank.



I have the same problem with my 55 gal. tank.  When the weather was warm, I'd use a water hose connected by my front door where the tank is located in the house. I would refill with the hose straight into the tank with no problems. that the weather is turning cooler, I'm having to warm the water a bit from my kitchen sink, and tote the 2 gal. buckets thru my house. It's not tooo bad since I have two of these buckets and I let one be filling up while pouring the other into the tank. This works okay. I don't fill the buckets all the way to the top so I don't have a lot of spillage. I'm thinking of getting a python myself eventually. When I fill from the water hose, I add the conditioner afterwards. No fish lost yet. :

P.S. I've got my water changes down to once a month now. But then, they've already been cycled.


I have a 56 litre ( 15 US gallons ) tank and I keep a 25 litre plastic jerry can pre filled and open to de-gass in the bedroom where the tank is ( I keep it close to the radiator to keep the temp up ) ;D ;D ;D

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