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Discussion in 'Water Parameters' started by Ernest Sacco, Jan 12, 2019.

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    So I've been making a series of simple yet bad mistakes over these past few weeks that has lead to some instability for my calcium and alk in my newish of now nitrates are at a balanced 5 to 10 and phosphates are at zero

    I made the mistake of dosing and thinking that in order to raise one I just upped half of the two part....this started with calcium and then kh fell is the primary suspect in the death of my purple stypholopora and the overall slight decline in the fullness of my lps....I've hopefully internalized and learned from this mistake and I am ready to move on...

    My plan is to now not dose for a week to truly get a feel for how much my tank is consuming....I just did my 10 gallon weekly water change and took measurements to establish a kh read 9.5 while calcium is 480

    Now I am nervous about implementing this plan as I do have a bunch of sps frags in the tank...just letting it run worries me but is it worth it to establish these weekly figures?....will the sudden halting of dosing cause any die offs?

    I could also just dose a baseline of 25 ml a day which I was doing before I started messing around chasing numbers...

    I've had help before but some final verdicts on this endeavor would be appreciated as always
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    Giving this a bump up for hopefully our salty members can help you today

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