Reef Stocking

  1. alex11

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    My dad and I had a 120 gallon reef tank for about 10 years and due to leaking and pest problems he decided to give it away. After a year of being tankless he decided to get back into the hobby and we recently setup a 90 gallon aquarium. this is the tentative stock list we have come up with. if there are any problems or suggestions please comment!

    2x ocellaris clown fish (have already)
    1x one spot foxface
    2-3x bangaii cardinal fish
    4x dispar anthias
    2x blue neon goby
    2x lawnmower blenny
    1x orchid dotty back

    we also have one green chromis we had 6 but the rest developed red sores all over after a few days of having them and died off within a week or so. we are debating on wether or not to keep him. thanks for your input!
  2. KinsKicks

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    - have 1 male dispar anthias; if you start including females, you'll need a harem and they'll need a larger tank
    - introduce the blenny and the gobies at the same time; although they're pretty peaceful, I've seen some bipolar blennys lol. And have lots of places for them to carve out a territory for themselves. And have a deeper sandbed for the gobies or add some diy tunnels/caves for them instead
    - dottybacks are beautiful, but can be a bit anolying toward the gobies; but if you've got plenty of live rock, they should be fine; but definitely add him last or at least after the gobies
    - I wouldn't keep the chromis; they do better in groups and even if you supplied a group, you'll be overstocked

    Other than that, the stocking list sounds good :)
    Are you planning to have corals or nems?

    Hope this helps and best of luck!