10 Gallon Tank reef or coral? the dif

john thomas
ok, one week since set up, so I have a minI 10 gal tank with live rock, a few invertbts, no fish yet.
i'm confused about a reef & a coral tank. I would like to add corals, is the live rock ok?

and a quick question about sg> I have an "instant Ocean Hydrometer"
when it says rinse, do I rinse with tap water or tank water.
thank you!
Austin {Aquarist}
Well a reef is an ecosystem consisting of different marine nekton (free moving animals) and corals are found in the ecosystem.

Can someone explain this better? My writing is a bit sluggish, I'm tired

When you put a coral into your tank, it is called a reef tank. As opposed to a fish only or a fish only with live rock. Live rock is not only ok, it is highly recommended. In between uses, rinse your hydrometer with fresh water.
The reef is the coral tank, the fish only with live roc (folwr) has no coral.

The hydrometers are very inaccurate, I actually have one and I will take my water to the lfs for a follow up salinity, its always off.

I am going to buy a refractometer, they are very much more accurate.
I personally wouldnt put any fish in a 10 gallon tank.

As everyone has previously mentioned there are 3 main types of saltwater tanks. FO = Fish only, FOWLR = Fish only with live rock, Reef = Fish,coral and live rock.

I wish you the best of luck with your reef tank.

Matt said:
I personally wouldnt put any fish in a 10 gallon tank.
You won't put ANY fish in a 10 gallon, but you'll put a tang + several others in a 34 gallon? What!?

There are plenty of gobies, blennies, or firefish that will be fine in a 10 gallon.

There are also plenty of corals that will be fine in a FOWLR tank, like mushrooms or zoas, xenia, etc. I guess you wouldn't consider it a Fish Only tank then, but it would by no means be a Reef tank.

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