Reef Octopus Diablo Dc 10500

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by HamSnacks, May 22, 2019.

  1. HamSnacks Valued Member Member

    Wondering if anyone else on here has one or maybe a similar model. Recently purchased one used and the seller really pushed how quite it was, but when I set it up, it definitely has a louder humming to it, a bit too much. Initially, I thought maybe cause it's connected directly to PVC pipe and I should replace it with a rubber hose but when I put it in a bucket of water with no connections I could still hear the humming noise.

    Any suggestions, I did somewhat take it apart and it's super clean. Is my bucket test not the proper way to test it?

    Any cheap DIY material I can put around it that would minimize the humming? Or should I find myself something else?

    Thank you

  2. Jeffsglo Valued Member Member


    It sounds like the bearings are going out! Can you take it apart and try some food grade grease in the bearings to try and lube it up? Or I'm afraid you might have to purchase a quieter one.

  3. HamSnacks Valued Member Member

    I'm going to try that out, it's weird I did take it apart again and put it back into the sump and now the noise is a lot more bearable, could live with it as is, and probably be quieter once I install some walls around the sump. No real humming anymore

    Opinion though, the seller literally sent me a message about 10mins ago asking if they could buy the pump back cause they want it for another project and they'd prefer it. Without spending more, I was looking at the Jebao DCP 8000 pump, not as high end I'd say but it's newer and brand new, would you sell it back or keep it and take the chance with technically a higher grade pump?

  4. Jeffsglo Valued Member Member

    Well, I would jump on the chance to sell it! You can buy another and get the problem solved. In my honest opinion.
  5. HamSnacks Valued Member Member

    Opinions on the Jebao DCP 8000 Sine tech Silent Pump?
    Are they a pretty reliable brand, the pump only costs $140 CAD, while this pump would of been closer to $450 CAD.
  6. Jeffsglo Valued Member Member

    Sorry, I am not aware of which filter would work better. I was only commenting on the noise of the filter. Maybe there Is someone on here that has knowledge of these filters? Sorry for not being a great help.
  7. HamSnacks Valued Member Member

    No, thank you very much for the help, have been very beneficial!