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I am trying to setup a 20 gallon reef and this is what I have so far
Aquatic life Ro unit
660 gph circulation pump
A whole bunch of test kits
Argonite Live sand and Carib sea rock
Instant ocean reef crystals
A refractometer
An adjustable heater
(Can someone recommend a cheap light I can buy for this tank to grow coral)
Besides the lighting, is this good?
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HI there. Seems you have enough flow as long as you put the pump in a place that creates a nice circular motion throughout the tank. Many will opt for 2 smaller pumps than one large on as to ensure a solid full tank circulation pattern.
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I would suggest a 20 long over a 20 high.

You might want to get another small pump, so you get more turbulence and not as much circular flow which can be bad for corals. Lighting Current Marine Orbit or a Marsaqua black box will be your cheapest. Current marine orbit won't be as powerufl as the black box, but will still be able to grow most corals, also very programmable. The black box has a slight fire hazard, not programmable, but very powerful.
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Would it be cheaper to buy Ro water instead of the actual unit? Is buying live rock local cheaper too?
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Would it be cheaper to buy Ro water instead of the actual unit? Is buying live rock local cheaper too?

Not in the long run no. You have to not only drive to the LFS (gas money), also buy the water there, generally 50 cents to a dollar per gallon, and use your time. A quality RO/DI unit is $150-200, but it will easily save you that much. Also if you get addicted to corals and pick up a frag or two every LFS trip... it adds up super quick. Also, its so much nicer to be able to go, hey, I'm out of RO/DI water, go turn it on for an hour and 5 gallons of RO/DI, rather then, oh ! I'm out of RO/DI water , I've got to go drive to the LFS. I would highly suggest buying the unit.
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The RO unit I plan on buying is 50 dollars, is this wrong?
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Haha maybe I should just consider a 10 gallon
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Anyone know a very pretty fish to put in a 10/20 gall
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If its just an RO unit that sounds about right. Honestly a 10 will be about the same price as a 20.

some stocking options are (20g)
clown pair
Yellow watchman goby
Yasha goby
Diamond goby
Royal Gramma
Purple Dottback
Clown Goby
Hectors Goby
Six-line wrasse
Possum Wrasse
Pistol Shrimp
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I'd go with the 20. Tanks in the 10-20 gallon size range cost about the same like Culprit said. For just RO, $50-$100 depending, is about what it'll run you, you can find cheap RODI units for about $60, but I have no idea how well they'll work. The RO or RODI unit is definitely worth it, my unit makes about 10 gallons in an hour, which is far more convenient than going to a store to get water, and you also don't have to carry the water to and from the car. As for live rock prices, it really depends on the store, bulk reef supply has cheap dry rock, and I've seen live/dry rock prices be anywhere from $1 a pound to $10 a pound.

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