Reed/ Rope fish with wound not healing?

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    So I've been eyeing this reed fish at the LPS for a few months. I never got him because one I only had a 20g, two, my mother would kill me if I bought a fish that "expensive" (she nearly blew a fuse when I showed her a 300$ flower horn) and three, he had a white wound on his back.
    Well, i finally gave in cause I felt sorry for him (crammed in there by himself with the frogs) and brought him home. (Now own a 45g, yes still a little small but a heck of a lot better then what he was in) The lady there already warned me that he had a wound on his back but he was healthy/moving around/ eating ect. I've got him in a separate tank (cause I'm paranoid) and got a pic of the wound. It doesn't look like it's changed since I saw it a few months ago and I'm kinda wondering what the heck. Could the frogs have done it? Heater? Bacteria? I have no idea. And why the heck isn't it healing? They admitied to not treating him. Any ideas?

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    Note to self, this website SO dose not work properly on a phone...
    Thanks. I've kinda browsed this site before but this had got me totally stumped on what's going on.
    anyways, I just checked on him again today and now there's a white fuzz on it. I think it's because he's in a small hospital tank so i kinda want to put him in my big tank with a divider where there's much better filtration if it's a 'leave it alone and it will heal' thing but I'm paranoid that he might have something that will spread to my other fish. Half of them are scaleless so i cant use medication if he's in the big tank. The biggest thing that i want to know is why is it not healing. Could he have gotten something from the frogs...?