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Hi everyone! I am currently going through a rough time in life right now, and that has made it difficult for me to get all my aquarium tasks done on time. Thus, I wanted to see if there is any way I could reduce my workload on my aquariums. Here are some examples;

1 - Could I dose all my macronutrients (namely KNO3 and KH2PO4) for the week the day after the water change? I have been dosing them over the course of the week. (I have opted to dose my micronutrients with the water change).

2 - I've had poor luck getting plants to turn red no matter what I do with them (I get the vibe that getting decent red colors out of a plant requires exasperatingly good conditions). Could I thus reduce tank lighting to slow the growth of the remaining plants and thus reduce the amount of pruning required? (I was still going to use yeast-powered CO2, but my reactors only require restarting every 2 weeks and do not seem to be particularly sensitive to me being a day or two late).

3 - Any other ideas?

Thanks for any help you guys can give.

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