Redecorated + Crayfish 60 Gallon Tank

  1. Brittni808 Member Member

    Redecorated my 60 gallon and got a new crayfish. It’s a little orange one I picked up from petco and so far he’s just hidden in my cholla wood. It makes me sad because my blue one I got from petco last summer was SO active and always running around, I’m not sure why this one isn’t but I hope he comes around. Anyone have any ideas or the same problem with crayfish? Also attached some anubias to my driftwood. Here are some pics!

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  2. Betta Gremlin Initiate Member

    How long have you had them?
  3. Brittni808 Member Member

    I only have one crayfish now which is the new orange one. Just a few days
  4. Betta Gremlin Initiate Member

    It probably just needs to get used to the tank.
  5. Brittni808 Member Member

    I’m hoping that’s all it is! I just remember my blue one being so active and entertaining since day 1. But, maybe they just have different personalities.
  6. Betta Gremlin Initiate Member

    Yup! Some are just more skittish than others, as well as the fact that some need more time to get used to their enviornment. It took my girl a few days to get used to their enviornment.
  7. Dawn Michele Well Known Member Member

    Your tank looks great!!!
  8. Brittni808 Member Member

    Thank you!!