Redecorated 25 Gallon Freshwater Community Tank


Last week I redecorated my tank by re-arranging the decor. The only live plants are the Marimo balls. Everything else is plastic or silk fake plants.

Front of the tank. There's a blue Mystery Snail on the big Marimo Ball. The little things on the Marimo Ball are brine shrimp. The fish were just fed before these photos were taken.

Left side of the tank. The fake plants were redistributed so that a vast majority are located here. I tried to create a dense underwater forest. The Corydoras love to hide in here and the Cardinals like to hide in the back of here.

Right side of the tank. The cave is a popular destination for the Mystery Snails. Inside you can see a yellow Mystery Snail. Most of the front and right of the tank is open to give the fish plenty of swimming space.

Close up of the right side with one of the smaller Marimo Balls.

Cardinal Tetras. This is most of the school. There's 7 in total.

This Emerald Corydora is the newest inhabitant. He's HUGE at roughly 3 inches long. He's also very shy. Most of the time he hides in the dense planting on the left side of the tank.

Closeup of the blue Mystery Snail. He's eating some of the brine shrimp that landed on the big Marimo ball.

Closeup of the yellow Mystery Snail hanging out in the cave.

A final look at the newly redecorated aquarium.

What does everyone think?


Very nice looking! I thought those plants were real till you said otherwise!
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endlercollector said:
Very nice looking! I thought those plants were real till you said otherwise!
Thank you. There's between 10 and 15 fake plants plus the 3 Marimo Balls. Am thinking about buying another 3-5 fake plants to make the right a little denser, leaving the front as open swimming. OR about buying a small piece of driftwood to put on the right. If I do that I will move the cave closer to the front.

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