Red Zebra colouring?

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    DNA New Member Member

    Hi guys.

    I was recently shopping for fish and came across some redzebra fry. They are cream coloured and about 2cm. The guy reckons that they will colour up, i have been searching for the answer but from what i can find they will pretty much stay cream? Is this true?

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    Tracys Malawi Cichlids New Member Member

    Fry Red Zebra Coloring

    Hello. I've been breeding these for many years. Red Zebra ( Metriaclima estherae ), Is from Lake Malawi in the south part of Africa. When they are born they are light in color and eventually get darker as they grow.
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    Tracys Malawi Cichlids New Member Member

    you might want to make sure that is what they are. Don't think just because the sign on the aquarium says red zebra that that is what it is.