Red Wag Platy Behaving Weirdly

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  1. SpasmaticAAValued MemberMember

    I have a female Red Wag Platy that has been behaving very strangely for the past week. I have been doing water changes every other day for the past week to lower Nitrates do to some neglect for proper aquarium maintnance and to hopefully add a new dwarf gourami to the tank. The behaviors exibited from my platy include sitting near the bottom of the tank and when she does swim it's very sparatic. She darts all over the aquarium.

    Tank size is 15 gallons
    Stock is 1 female adult red wag platy, 1 small I beleive male platy about 5 to 6 months old now, and 2 neon tetras.
    Tank parameters as of this post are 20-40 ppm for Nitrates, 0 Nitrites, 7.8 ph.

    Please help me with understanding what is wrong with my female platy. I have only had her for less than a year and she has been through enough torment from her previous "husband".
  2. RyRyTheAquariumGuyValued MemberMember

    Well the first thought is obviously that it is sick or suffering from some type of symptom(s). The real question though is what is causing it! Platys are VERY skittish and can get very stressed when alone or in small space groups. Does your tank have a lot of cover as well? Your water seems to be healthy, which leads me to believe that all the water changes combined with the fact that platys don't do well alone makes me think that it might be stress related. But hey that's just my first opinion haha!
  3. SpasmaticAAValued MemberMember

    I had removed some plastic plants because they were nasty and had food particles hanging from them. However she was exibiting these symptoms about a day or two before then. If it is stress should I add another platy or 2? If thatsmthe case do you think adding some of my platies previous batch of platies will help? They should be fine and should survive not being eaten.
  4. RyRyTheAquariumGuyValued MemberMember

    I have always kept platys in groups of 3 or more at the same size and they do much better. You will notice that they will gather and even though they aren't a schooling fish per say, they do gather and kinda hover together a lot. Power in numbers!! Again this is assuming that the tank doesn't have anything going on medically affecting the fish. I would add some more and let them comfort each other. Also platys HATE open water because they naturally feel like they are prey and not predators. I'd rinse off those decorations if you still have them!
  5. SpasmaticAAValued MemberMember

    Okay then I'll try adding the fish first. I really don't want the plastic plants in there because they in my opinion look weird. I do have a fake log in there to. It has a large cave in the center so I don't beleive cover is too necissary. Again though I'll try it if she doesn't behave better within a few days.
  6. SpasmaticAAValued MemberMember

    I added some baby ppaties to the tank. They should be fine. My female platy seems to be swimming more but she still twitches when she does. I'll have to see what happens later on.
  7. SpasmaticAAValued MemberMember

    Update: few days ago I purchased some live plants and adwarf gourami on impulse. Thenfemale platy will come out from hiding to eat but eventually goes back into her log. There was some slight hostility from the gourami towards her but I haven't seen anymore since Sunday when I got her and the plants.