Red Velvet Swordfin, male

  1. Khighsmith Initiate Member

    I have a community tank with Mollies, Swordfins, tetras, cories, pleco, flying foxes, and a chinese golden algea eater.
    I have had 5 male swordfins and everyone of them died without any sign of disease or trauma to them. Does anyone know why we could be so unlucky with them?
  2. TJBender Well Known Member Member

    A few questions to help us help you:

    How big is your tank? Edit: d'oh. 120g.
    How long has it been established?
    What type of filtration do you have?
    Is it cycled? Your profile says you don't know about the nitrogen cycle, which is the cornerstone of successfully keeping fish.
    What are the numerical values for your pH, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates?
  3. Khighsmith Initiate Member

    The tank has been going for about 9 months and the Ph is about 6.4 and nitrites/nitrates are 0. We have a canister filter and we use reverse osmosis water. (since we started using RO water we have had a hard time keeping the Ph up)