Red Terror Issues


What could she use for company?

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  1. B

    BootzBitez New Member Member

    This is my 18 month old red terror. i think she is female, she does not like company of even other south american cichlids like JDs Blood parrots Synspilum etc... What would be a good fish to try with her. She lives in a 250L with an eheim classic 600 pump eheim heater at 26 ° and a 3000lh wavemaker. She gets weekly water changes and fortnightly filter changes. 20180616_151037.jpg 20180616_151037.jpg

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  2. Fashooga

    Fashooga Fishlore VIP Member

    Red Terrors (RT) generally will be aggressive towards other fish. It’s possible that it wants the tank to itself.

    260L (66g) is not a big tank to house a RT, JD and a BP. If you want to see peace in the tank either rehome the fish(es) or buy a tank that is at least 473L (125g).

    The 473L/125G is six feet...this allows more room and more territory for the fish.
  3. AquaticJ

    AquaticJ Well Known Member Member

    That’s not a real red terror, that’s a Mayan or fake red terror. True Red Terrors have 9 stripes, Mayans 7. Also, the black stripe right behind her eye would be touching the one behind it, creating a “Y”. Anyway, try something more aggressive like a Red Devil, Green Terror, Jaguar (itll outgrow your tank though).