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Discussion in 'Red Tail Shark' started by sw2619, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. sw2619

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    Hi, My Name Is Scott and i have upgraded my 10 gallon take to a 29 gallon tank and was thinking about getting a Red Tailed shark and i was wondering do they get along with most other fish??? Also i was reading that they dont like more than one in a tank unless its a big tank, is my tank big enough??? I have plants and Decor in it..

    If anyone can help that would be great!!


  2. Gunnie

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    They don't appear very well suited to a community tank unless it is with other nippy fish like tiger barbs.
  3. OP

    sw2619New MemberMember

    I Have:
    1Algae Eater
    3Australian Rainbow Fish
    3Red Eyed FIsh ?
    3 Tetra
    1 Goldfish

    30 Gallon

    Could this community Tank be suitable for the red Tailed Shark Or the Red Fined Shark???

    I hope so because that fish is so cool to look at!!

    I Need Help ASAP Because i am going right by the pet store that sells them soon.


  4. Gunnie

    GunnieWell Known MemberMember

    Scott, if it was my tank, I wouldn't chance it. The rainbows are pretty peaceful fish, and from reading those profiles, I think the shark would stress them to death. Also, you don't mention anything specific about your pleco, so I assume it is a common one, and will get at least a foot in length. And, goldfish are not tropical fish, and should be housed in a separate tank that is not heated. Plus goldfish are big poopers, and at least 10 gallons per goldfish is recommended for a healthy tank. With all that being said, I would think your tank is already maxed out on the bio load, and another fish that gets up to 6 inches would really overload your tank. I have a good solution though. How about some more tanks? I'd get a 55 gal. for most of the fish you already have, increase the rainbows and tetras along with the red-eyed fish (red eyed tetras?), trade in the pleco you now have, and get 2 bristlenose plecos (male and female if possible). I would house the goldfish in at least a 20 gal long all by himself, and house the red tailed shark in the 30 gal. along with 6 tiger barbs. Although the pleco will be okay in the 55 gal., he will knock over decorations and uproot plants because of his size, and your gravel is probably that pea size which he will terrorize. Smaller plecos will not be so disruptive in your tank, and bristlenose generally only get to 6 inches in length, depending on the species. This is all just my opinion. I think everyone would be happy that way, and you would probably enjoy the schooling behavior of your tetras and rainbows when you added more of each. Is the 30 gallon you have now cycled? That is another issue.....................................
  5. OP

    sw2619New MemberMember

    Yes, The Tank Is cycled. It is just a regular algae eater

    So you dont think that the red tailed Shark would be very happy in my tank??? I would guess that he would try to hurt my other fish in defense??

    Well thanks for the advice
  6. Butterfly

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    Scott I have to agree with Gunnie. I had the opportunity to be around a tank with a red-tailed shark a few years ago and he made the other tank occupants miserable. This type of stress can lead to illness in the fish being stressed. just my thoughts.
  7. Jason

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    I'd have to disagree I'm guessing it depends on the individual fosh because my Red-tail is quite peaceful with allmy community inhabitants. At feeding times he sometimes gets a little aggressive but never damaging. He does like to chase my Chin. algae eater but he chases him back so they get along ok. They're very interesting and I'd definately suggest one. If by chance you get an overly aggressive one just return him for another.