Red Tail Shark Hurt?

  1. str8flxn Member Member

    Good day,
    My red tail shark behaviour seems to have changed. Not coming out to eat when it's feeding time and less active.

    Then I noticed the bottom of its mouth seemed swollen or damaged. Can anyone tell me what's wrong?

    I attached some pics hopefully you can see what I'm talking about

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  2. MikeRad89 Well Known Member Member

    Definitely an injury of some sort. Looks like he got caught in something pretty badly.

    Can you net him and take him out of the water to get a clearer picture of the damage? If it's so extensive that it's preventing him from eating I would honestly euthanize.

  3. shiv234 Well Known Member Member

    not euthanize as yet.....see if it heals
  4. kayla.s Well Known Member Member

  5. kayla.s Well Known Member Member

    As for his injury, it puzzles me as to what could cause that and I wonder if it's not some disease perhaps... give it a week and see if it heals any, otherwise I do agree with euthanasia, instead of starvation:(
  6. shiv234 Well Known Member Member

    i think the best way of euthanize a fish painlessly would be to use clove oil.
  7. str8flxn Member Member


  8. str8flxn Member Member

    This pic is probably the clearest I can get..behavior is the same. Always hiding by the sponge filter.

    Is euthanizing really my best and only option? :(
  9. kayla.s Well Known Member Member

    Do you have other sharks in the tank?
  10. jakefoster Well Known Member Member

    usually an injury around the mouth is from lip-locking (fighting) with another fish.