red tail shark black color bleaching out

  1. fishforthekids Member Member

    Any clue why my RTS is losing his black color? I've heard of them losing their red in the fin but not the black.
  2. bassbonediva Fishlore VIP Member

    Generally, fish lose color because they're stressed. I see he's in a 30gal tank. Sorry, but RTS need a minimum 4ft tank to be happy and healthy. Also, having only five tiger barbs, they might be harassing him. Tiger barbs do better and are less likely to be aggressive the more there are of them.
  3. ivonko Member Member

    also the red tailed shark will grow a bit lighter sometimes if the substrate in you tank is lighter. or so i have read i apologize if this is a myth that im telling you.
    but i know they lose color from stress and malnutrition, having different types of foods with different vitamins will help improve its color.

    is the red color fading as well or only the black?
  4. cameronpalte Member Member

    I think your tank is overcrowded. You should move your shark to a 4-5 foot long time (55 g+) (not sure on this) and than maybe you can add some tiger barbs to your 30 or more.