Red String Algae On Filter Outtake Only?


Hey guys so I have had this 20 gal long set up for about 6 weeks and it is cycled. I was able to jump start the cycle with media from my well established 29 gal tall. Anyways I'm getting this red stringy algae on my filter outtake and brownish red algae on the surface of the filter outtake. Can anyone give me any ideas to what it is and what may be the cause of it? This is a planted tank and has 3 cherry shrimp, 3 panda corys, and 6 female guppies. My parameters are Am- 0 / nitrIte- 0 / nitrAte- under 10 ppm / Ph-8 even / gH and kH- 100-200 ppm (API test kit, 11 drops for each). I'm also getting some of this stuff in my 30 gallon. Anyone got any ideas? If you need any more info please let me know ill tell u all I can. Thanks guys!!!

Ps- pics ain't the best but u can see the red stringy stuff hanging there. Also it wipes right off with a paper towel.

75g Discus Tank

It's most likely from the lights, high flow, and nutrients.

Just wipe it off with a towel whenever you see it.

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