Red Sores On Platy?


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4 years
One of the platies I recently purchased has had a red dot appear on her that has grown in size since yesterday. She still eats and moves around quite a bit, but she has clamped fins and likes to hang around one area. The area almost looks like a what a popped blood vessel looks like on a human. there is one prominent spot on her abdomen and then a smaller less dark spot just behind one of her fins. Am I correct in thinking this is some kind of parasite? She isn't being chased or harmed by any other inhabitants, and I don't think the red spot was there when I got her. I am pretty sure some of the other fish have some kind of external parasite as well because they occasionally will rub up against the rocks/wood/plants within the aquarium. I put in Tetra Parasite Guard for the other fish and I'm just hoping it will help this platy as well.


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