Red Sea Reef: New Corals

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    I kind of fell out of love with the hobby for a while, but I have recently come back. Here are some pics of new corals that I bought for my Red Sea Max C-130.

    Trachyphillia $45
    Candycane $5
    Various Acans $25 each from WWC
    Ricordea $38
    Superman Mushroom (in container) $15
    Watermelon Mushroom (in container) $10
    Neon Green Nepthea $0
    Pulsing Xenia $0
    Other Xenia $5
    Birdsnest $3
    Burgundy Acropora $10
    Green Montipora $10
    Yellow Skirt Zoas $15

    What do you think? I will try to get better pics tomorrow. Do you think I overpaid for any of these?

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  2. CoradeeModeratorModerator Member

    Welcome back to the hobby, look forward to seeing the progress :)