Red Sea C-Skim 1200 Skimmer.

  1. Steve McKay Member Member

    I just setup my skimmer the Red Sea C-Skim 1200 Skimmer next to my sump.which is just now operational too.I replaced my 30gal.with a 50gal.I setup the skimmer a few weeks ago to test it out and make sure I had everything I needed when the time came.I ran into two problems.One,they say use standard 1/2"flexible hose.The hose will go on but you can't use the hose locking mechanism,The wall thickness of the hose is 1/8"to thick to work.There is only one barb on the water inlet and would not feel safe using it like that.You could use a hose clamp but sometimes they actually create leaks.I noticed Eheim tubing has a thinner wall thickness,I bought some 12/16mm=1/2"hose and it worked perfectly.Two,While researching the skimmer I read that a lot of people were using the Maxi Jet 1200 pump.I had a couple of them so I thought I would try one.When I started the skimmer up and adjusted the air control full open as well as the skim regulator,I could not get the foam to the right height.This of course is because the pump wasn't strong enough.I bought the Maxi Jet 1800 pump with flow adjustment,that way you wouldn't need a ball valve if needed.I was lucky,didn't even have to adjust it down.The skimmer produces a fine thick foam,the best foam I've seen.I can't tell you how well it works yet,as I just set it up and the water in the aquarium is new.I'll post some results when it starts producing fudge cycles.The Commercial grade neck washing system with the turn of a lever is a great feature.I think I will like this skimmer.:;toast
  2. harpua2002 Fishlore VIP Member

    Neat, I just saw that in the Fosters and Smith catalog today. I'd be interested in hearing your experiences with it as you continue to use it on your setup. I'm pretty sure I have the same tank as you do- 36x18x18. I had mine drilled in the back and run a 20 gallon long sump with a Mag 7 return. I have a Coralife Super Skimmer 125 running in the sump. I'm not too impressed with it, but I guess it's ok for the money. How are you running your sump, did you drill your tank or use a HOB overflow? Do you have pics of your tank?
  3. Steve McKay Member Member

    I use a HOB overflow.You asked me about photos yesterday.I have some,of my tank in progress in my albums and members gallery.When I get everything cleaned up I'll post the all done photos.Glad to see someone with a tank like mine,and I thought I had the only one.
  4. harpua2002 Fishlore VIP Member

    Oops, sorry for the double pic request! LOL.

    It is very cool to see someone else with the same tank. I went for the 50 because I knew the extra width front to back would make aquascaping a lot more fun- a 55 seemed like an aquascaping nightmare to me. I have some pics of mine in my thread in Members Fish Tanks section and I also have a video up in Saltwater Videos. :)
  5. Steve McKay Member Member

    I went for the 50 for the same reason,that and with a 5"DSB gives me a 14"water depth.
    I use 288 watt pc lighting,with that depth I should be good for most corals if placed right.
    If I have to I change my singe to a double and have two doubles at 384 watt,but I don't think I'll have too.I have 100lb of LR including my foundation,and only stacked one little rock to make a short tunnel.I'll post photos soon,the lights are off and the fish are sleeping.

    All done,photos in my albums and member galleries.I had another problem with the skimmer, when you put the outlet elbow on,it's probably not on.It came loose and I lost a gallon,I called tech support and was given to somebody else.He said let me get home and play with it and I'll call you,later he called and agreed it fits loosely.He then said I'm going for it,if it breaks it breaks.Then he said that's it,when it's as tight as you think it will go without breaking go more.So I did,I thought it was going to break but it didn't.It finally went on tight.Another thing about the skimmer,when you start supplying it with water as soon as it fills turn on the aspirator pump(air)or water will start coming out the air adjustment valve.Still no fudge cycles,tech support said it would be a few days before the manufacturing chemicals would washout.That's it for now I will let you know when it starts producing fudge cycles.

    To make a long story short,once you turn it off you might not get it running again.I've had so many problems with it that I'm not even going into details,I'm not happy at all.I'm sending it back.Anybody have suggestions on a good skimmer for a 50gal?I have turned my wet dry into a sump,it's only big enough for a pump,not pump and skimmer.I would rather not hang one one my tank.Thanks.

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  6. harpua2002 Fishlore VIP Member

    Aw, that's terrible. :(
    I think the Turboflotor will hang on your sump. I've heard good things about it. Octopus is another good brand. I use a Coralife and it's pretty crappy, so don't waste your money there, lol.
  7. Steve McKay Member Member

    Thanks I'll check it out.I'm done with Red Sea.

    I've taken care of the problem,I have received my money back for the Red Sea skimmer.I went and bought a real skimmer,the Bubble King Alpha 170 cone skimmer.I also did away with my pc lighting and bought the Tek 6x39 T5 HO lighting fixture.For lamps I'm using Giesemann lamps,4 aquablue+ and 2 actinic+.I also bought a new sump for the skimmer,the
    old one was to small.

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  8. harpua2002 Fishlore VIP Member

    Nice! I've never heard of that skimmer, I'm interested to hear how it works for you.
  9. Steve McKay Member Member

    It just came out this year,supposedly it's made by the best of the best.It's rated for 40 to 200 gallon tanks and you don't want to know how much it cost.
    Here's a photo of it.

    The Alpha 170 cone skimmer is working great,my nitrates are down to 0.0.Very happy with it,this is one skimmer I won't be sending back!:;banaman:;banaman:;banaman
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  10. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Hello Steve. Your photos are great! Beautiful tank!
    Happy Holidays!:;shat
  11. Steve McKay Member Member

    You killed my bananas,thanks for the edit and have a Merry Christmas:;santaclaus