Red Rush

  1. virusmk Well Known Member Member

    Hi all

    Friend of mine called me moments ago asking for advice for his sick adult angel.

    He told me that fish have developed some sort of red rush starting from back fin and around its mouth and is spreading slowly around his body. Its looks like skinless fish on the area where the rush is.
    I will try to upload a picture once he manages to take one.

    Does anyone has any clue what this could be as i dont have much experience with angels.

    By the way 3 months ago he brought fish that later developed hole in the head but only that new arival was affected rest of his fish did not develop any symptoms.
  2. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

  3. virusmk Well Known Member Member

    He told me that water parameters are good and at the moment he does not have ph but no amonia present in his tank

    Yes he mentioned that fish skin looks like an open wound, but untill i get picture of him cant say for sure
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  5. virusmk Well Known Member Member

    10485200_10204019494755061_607283156_n.jpg 10533705_10204019494475054_1696816642_n.jpg 10540653_10204019494595057_414671296_n.jpg 10551797_10204019494035043_1923764573_n.jpg 10564802_10204019494715060_56916123_n.jpg 10568744_10204019494235048_814449622_n.jpg 10569168_10204019493915040_1244805014_n.jpg 10569940_10204019494395052_200929016_n.jpg

    Here are the photos of it
  6. Tonia Well Known Member Member

    Has the fish's behavior changed? Is anyone else in the tank affected?

    From looking at the pictures, what comes to mind is Fish Tuberculosis. Unfortunately, that would be very very bad and can be caught by humans. Here's an article about it.

    I've also seen suggestions that it could be coulumnaris but I am not sure. I do hope your friend is able to get this rash treated and end up with healthy fish.
  7. virusmk Well Known Member Member

    He always been lazy and swiming close to the surface for years.
    At the moment he is the onlyone with this other angels are not showing any signs of illness.

    It might be best to eutanize him in case of severe illness as it might be too late for any treatments if this is tuberculosis