Red Platy With White Mark... Like Egg White.


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"Yahtzee" my red platy is the most sweet fish, loves attention. This fish will sometimes hide out of the way from the other fish, but when I come around or feed.. she pops right into the mix and eats well. Yesterday we noticed a bulge on her side, and today it appears to have cut and a white eggy color now.

Water - Tank - Fish Parameters

20 Gal tank - Horizontal type / 2 filters / 2 air stones / Quite heavily planted, some plants not looking good removed, others also seeming to slowly deteriorate. Removing plants to another tank as they look less than good.

5 Mollies, 5 Glofish Tetras, 2 Platys. A few mystery and nerite snails, and about 10 shrimps.. Ghost, Japanese Algae, Cherry etc.

So here is the deal. Had to do a complete tank change recently... cycled water a week before starting to move over fish. 3 weeks in now, all the other fish and creatures seem to be quite well. A few days back nitrates were high, I did a 25% tank change, added water conditioner and now Nitrites and Nitrates are basically 0. Ammonia had spiked 2 weeks ago before adding fish but also letting tank cycle, doing a 30% water change and adding some QuickStart knocked it back to 0.

My PH I believe is 7.5 ish... I have a low PH test kit 6.0-7.4 which it reads high... and a high PH kit which reads 7.6 to 8.5 but it reads low. So I guess I am in between. I was concerned about Oxygen in the water, so thats when I added the 2nd air bubble stone... a big one too.

I just do not know what to do. For the heck of it I fed her some Kanaplex today... with garlic powder on the fish food. I added some of the Fish Protector and some Aquarium salt... (Not epsom).

Im am cycling a 2nd tank.. .was thinking to move the fish over soon... but in all fairness, it eats, it comes for attentions, fights to get in front of the pack... so.. not sure what to think. Also, I did add a stone into the water recently with some holes.. it is possible the fish has cut itself, but I am not just speculating... not even sure if this is internal or external... has anyone seen anything like this?

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