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Hey fellow fish people!

I'm new, just started today as a member, but have been using FishLore since I got the idea of starting my first 10gal fish tank a few days ago. I went to the pet store to find some ideas of fish and I found I really wanted 2 Red Minor Tetras, 2 Neon Tetras, 2 High Finned Platys and 2 Corydoras catfish. I read on other sites and some threads here that Serpae tetras can get semi-aggressive, but do okay with other tetras and fish that are fast moving and don't have trailing fins.

I do have (both live) a tall plant and a short plant making a little corner for them to hide if they get nervous, which research has recommended to do. Do you think this is a good combo of fish for a 10gal? I set the Eheim heater to 76F because that seems to be a happy medium between all the fish. I am a beginner, but these fish say they are good beginners. Any advice is welcome. Thank you! I'm hoping to take care of these fish to the best of my ability! (hopefully my attached picture of my tank shows up)
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Tetras and corys need to be in a school of at least six, and a lot of cory species require more space than a 10 gallon can provide. I see your not familiar with the nitrogen cycle. You will want to read up on that otherwise your fish may die off pretty quickly.
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Agree with above. All of those fish will need a larger tank if they were to be kept in a proper school. How about ember tetras? You could keep 6 of those along with 5 male endlers livebearers.
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