Red Lines appearing on Angel Fish Help

Discussion in 'Angelfish' started by Hamish57, Mar 30, 2010.

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    I have a 200litre approx 50 gal tank. All the parameters are in place with regard to NO3 NO2 GH KH PH and CL. I have 5 Angel fish 3 elephant nose and 4 Ghost Knife fish in this tank. I recently added the GKF and the Elephant noses and have been feeding them blood worms. Now I have noticed that the Angels all seem to have a red line forming on their bodies just under their fins. On the VT angel the ends of its fins also have a red tinge to them. Does anybody know what is causing this? The fish seem healthy. Is it maybe because of the daily dose of blood worms they are now getting along with their standard food?
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    There could be 2 causes to this. 1st, it could be due to stress. Angelfish should be kept in pairs and having 5 could be a problem with other tankmates as well. Your tank might go through some territorial issues if your Angelfishes are mixed genders. They'll start pairing up and that's when the problems starts. So I'd advise that you keep only 2 Angels per tank. 2nd, it could be caused from what I heard an ammonia issue. Could you kindly post up the readings for your water parameters. Then other members will be able to help you further.

    About what I mentioned above, is all just in my own opinions. So hold on, I'm sure other members will swing by to help you out too. Glad you found Fishlore. Hope you enjoy your stay here :)

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    Angelfish do not have to be kept in pairs, they will pair off when they are ready if all conditions are correct. I have kept as many as 15 large adults in a 55 G aquarium with no ill affects, they do fight and spar but that is typical cichlid behaviour. Do you have a picture of the fish showing the condition you describe?

    What are your water conditions?
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    Not on topic but one thing I picked up on, 4 ghost knifes in a 50G= not good :(
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    sounds like it could be overcrowding, stress, or an ammonia issue...or it could be the type of breed you have..can you get us a pic? 5 angels and 4 GNF's arent going to work long term...your GNF's need huge tanks ...what test kit are you using and exactly what were the readings ? sounds like you are using test strips maybe?
    I agree they dont have to be in pairs ..and although that might work for you, 15 large adult angels cant possibly have enough swim space without major issues ...but again, ive never had that experience and it probably shouldnt be attempted by new fish keepers
  7. ldbrown3138Valued MemberMember

    I wish I had a picture of the 15 adults in the 55 G, they would spread out in the tank except at feeding time. At feeding time, they would rush to the corner where I would stand. It was wall to wall angelfish. I did daily 10% water changes and never had any problems. Lost all but 2 of them during the big ice storm in Feb. 2009. No power and no heat for days.